Game Over. Continue?

So this is it. Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse for me financially and I can no longer keep up the course, I've had to withdraw. I do however have everything I've done so far saved, I have the programs I've learned with still installed on my PC and all the tutorials … Continue reading Game Over. Continue?



The first Concept Art class of the year was about storyboarding; how it's done and our interpretation of given material. We were all given a passage of text to read and to then storyboard however we saw fit based on our interpretation of it. This is the text; "Once a guy stood all day shaking … Continue reading Storyboarding

Year 2

So yeah. The is the start of the second year of the course. Until I figure out how to separate year one and year two into their own respective sections here on WordPress without making a second account, everything from here on out is for year two.     And I think I'm going to … Continue reading Year 2