First Modelling

Got to grips with modelling in Maya for the first time by trying to build a spaceship. There’s many, many tools available and many, many ways to get lost using them. With practice and lots of trial and error I managed to create my first spaceship that I’m fairly happy with although I do want to tweak it lots. I have lots of ideas of how I want it to look but transferring those ideas onto screen is hard using what limited knowledge of Maya I have.
Best solution I have is to study the tutorials I’ve been given, watch some YouTube videos of how to model (looking for tips and tricks) and to practice at any chance I get.
First modelling of my spaceship, as yet she doesn’t have a name.

Fine detail work is something else I need to practice, welding, altering and moving Vertices and really getting to grips with the software.

Once the spaceship is complete (or near enough) I’m going to try, and need to, create a UV and unpack with the aim of texturing the parts; also more texture sourcing is needed. Then after that, look into lighting and try o get myself caught up to everyone else.



Had a practice with Maya at home and made this spaceship from scratch which I’m very happy with.





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