Concept Art – Light & Shadow/Robots

Week 1: 7/10/16

For the first part of today’s lesson we used Photoshop to learn how draw in light & shadow for concept art. We could choose a picture from the internet of any face we liked but it had to be in black & white so the focus remained on light & shadow. I chose the Morgan Freeman picture below.


Firstly we created a new layer and then looked at what we thought the neutral shade of the photograph would be; not the darkest, not the lightest but the one in the middle and once we found that, we painted the outline of the figure. Next a new layer was created and all of the darkest points were focused and drew on then finally the lightest. Using these three layers we created a portrait of our chosen picture.

Having only been previously able to use Photoshop to crop and re-size pictures, I’ve learned some new keyboard shortcuts; more of what the program can do regarding light & shadow and how they can be manipulated to create new or new impressions of existing images, and a new perspective on how light and shadow affect your interpretation of the image you’re looking at.


In the second part of the lesson we asked to find two images of vehicles, (either plane, train or automobile) and I chose the pictures below.

We were then told to make a robot out of them using some basic copy/paste, scale and rotate tools within Photoshop. One of the main challenges was to look at the parts which made up our chosen pictures to see which or what sections could be viewed as something else; could a door be a chest? Could a wheel be a foot? Having not expected this I came up with the following robot which I’m not really happy with:


It seems my choices of vehicle could have been better and had more characteristics to them. Maybe the choices were too similar as I did have some difficulty in making a figure out of them. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the images I chose and I just need to look at the parts in a different light or not concentrate on looking for an arm or a leg and see where trial and error takes me. Something to remember for next time.



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