Flash – Halloween

Week 1: 7 October 2016

Sat in my first ever animation class today and was told the aim of the session is to make a Halloween themed platform style level made in Flash. To make the entire matter worse, (other than the fact I don’t know what I’m doing) is that we have to use Macs, and I hate Macs with a passion.

I made some basic shapes that I think were designed to get me used to the Flash program and had to used only those shapes to create a Halloween scene; in it I created a couple of houses, gravestones, some bats, a moon and some clouds. I did begin thinking that my scene was alright but it just became messy the more I tried to make it look Halloweeney. The idea was to show how you don’t need lots of different shapes to create scenes, its how you use and manipulate the shapes you have to give the impression of them being something else.

Quite late on in the lesson as my screen was becoming ever more crowded, I realised that like Photoshop, I can create in layers and I can use layers to make the scene have dimensions and distance. Wish I’d realised that a lot earlier as I could have thought about it’s creation better and implemented it better. Lots more practice is needed as is practice with and on Macs. I’ll have to see about getting hold of the software so I can practice in my own time to get to grips with it and catch up with the rest of class. And also to figure out how to make screenshots of what I do since the lecturers who’ll be eventually reading this like that sort of thing.


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