Unity -Week 2 – Room sim

10 Oct ’16

Today we were introduced to activity diagrams, their flows and how they influence the features of the simulator we’re building; from simple, small step paths (pick up key > door opens) to more longer, more complex paths with multiple choices that are taken depending on the choices you make in game. I learned that each decision you make has a different shape indicator on the diagram which you have to take into account with starting stop points, (diamonds for decisions; take x or y, and rectangles for actions that you expect to happen).

Activity Diagram (also linked to some further thoughts below.

These decisions were written in C# and continued in the same scene which I started last week. Using an activity diagram I made the key on the desk disappear by picking it up when being within a certain distance from it, instead of being able to do this at any point inside the room.[photo to add]. To allow the key to be picked up within a distance I was shown how to alter the code to take units into account so the player needs to approach the desk to pick it up. [photo to add]


Shortly after I was also introduced to IF formula, (I’m using the IF formula terminology as I’ve had similar experience of it when using Excel. I know Excel and Unity are vastly different programs but the basics behind the formulae seem very similar). if they are then I do have a small heads up on how they work but i’ll have to have a mess around with them since its been quite a few years since I last used them (read many, many years).

Although only two techniques have been introduced my knowledge of Unity is still limited and there seems to be lots of areas where things can go wrong if a small step is forgotten. However I have been able to troubleshoot some of my error myself as I’m beginning to get some understanding of C#, although I’ve only been able to fix a small few its progress upon last week nonetheless.

I would like to improve my model building inside of unity as some of what I build is either messy or taking what seems to be forever to complete but I know this will come in time. Also my understanding of C# needs to be improved by further reading or watching tutorials in the hope that someday I’ll feel confident and understand it enough to write my own, there’s just so much terminology to learn, remember and use.

In trying to develop my simulator further I have an idea of having multiple doors with multiple keys in which there is there is only one correct sequence in which to escape. As my knowledge of Unity grows I aim to place traps and puzzles and turn the simulation into a small game of my own. We’ll see how that goes…


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