VFX – Learning Illustrator

10 October ’16

The first VFX lesson I’ve had was an introduction to Adobe Illustrator. i know nothing about Adobe illustrator so today was another large learning curve and there were many mistakes made along the way.

We were given instructions on how to make a basic logo using boxes then introducing other shapes on top of it before inserting text.


Using copy and paste techniques and placing these onto separate layers, four boxes were made, coloured and placed to form a larger square. On top of this we inserted shapes of different colours and our initials to form our logo.


I learned some new techniques of averaging the selections across both of their axis, how to expand the text to use in later projects, how to cut with the scissor tool, how to join two separate cut-out shapes together and most simply of all – how to make boxes and circles of exact size by inputting the needed dimensions (as shown in top photo). There was an exercise next where I had to make a rounded top square -work with me here- and then make a window using the methods we’d just learned.

I’d like to say that the image above left was what I’d gotten on the first try but I can’t. I’d gotten a right mess with Illustrator filling in every box I drew and me trying to figure out how to get it to stop doing that and somewhere along that line I managed to knacker the whole thing up by turning my highlighter bright yellow and doing something to my layers turning them yellow too, but in my defence I’d never heard of Adobe Illustrator before I walked into that lesson so I’m not taking all the blame. After some practice and furious scribbling for instructions I managed to make said window frame, colour it and make every part attach itself to everything else to make a whole piece. The next task was to use the skills we’d learnt and practiced throughout the lesson to make a heart with a hole the shape of another heart in the middle of it.


Well I tried. I couldn’t get the edges to join and was presented with an error every time I tried so I didn’t make it as far as to get the second heart in the middle. So this is how it is, a ‘new age’ heart or ‘modern art’ version of it. I know its not what was asked for but its my first day and I quite like it.

I’d like to improve in pretty much every area of the VFX we’ve done today but to do that, I need a LOT more practice with Illustrator and I’m hoping that will come with continued  experience of it.


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