11 october ’16

The final part in the spaceship creation is the lighting and uploading of it onto Sketchfab and a reflective of the entire workload.

  • Having worked with Maya quite a lot in such a small space of time (home and college in just over a week), my understanding of modelling with Maya has increased dramatically. My first project was to create a spaceship although I’m actually in the middle of creating my third. My first was really an introduction to Maya and as such, it turned out very sloppy with faces and vertices not lining up correctly and my creating looking very blocky at best. In fact part of my very first attempt had to be erased and started again, there was that many errors and overlaps on it. I decided to try again not long after  and came up with my second spaceship which fared much better as I’d seemed to know a bit better what I was doing and felt more confident modelling it. It was basic but I felt much happier with. My third spaceship (and my current project) is far more complex than my second attempt and doing this in my own time is proving to be much harder and time consuming than I though but there are a number of effects that are benefiting me, such as;
  • A better understanding of modelling with Maya. I’m now able to model much more confidently than before since this spaceship is far bigger and consists of multiple sections of different shapes and indents. I’m learning how to control the vertices, how to add new points, scale and rotate them and fix my own mistakes.
  • I’m showing a much better understanding of some of the tools available and how to use them; spot welding being one and adding new vertices with the edge loop tool.

What I’m less confident with is my UV unwrapping and texturing. Have only done this once with my second spaceship I relied heavily on presentations and YouTube tutorials to help me through. I’m hoping that when the time comes to unwrap and texture my third spaceship it’ll go a lot more smoothly and I’ll understand it a little more. Shaders, lighting and rendering is another area that I’m less confident in too since I’ve literally just used them for the first time. I managed to cast some lighting onto my spaceship but again I relied heavily on presentations and a little YouTube tutorials and came up with something basic. My end result wasn’t quite looking how I wanted it to but trying again with my third ship will hopefully bring me the experience and knowledge I need.

And that’s it really, that’s how I’m going to improve my skills in those two areas – practice. Do them again with the aids of video help where necessary and have patience in what I’m learning. I like to be able to do things first time and I get frustrated when it doesn’t work but I’ve only been doing these things a little over a week and I keep telling myself you’re new, it’ll come. We’ll see, practice as they say, makes perfect.



And no Matt, I still can’t get this damn spaceship to show properly on Sketchfab like you asked us to do.


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