14th October ’16

Used Adobe Flash for the second ever time today and I was surprised to find that I haven’t totally made a bucket full of errors that I thought I had last week. My Halloween scene is still there and doesn’t look quite as bad as I remember it did.

First we were given a small file to download which contained some simple code; to move a stick character and make him jump over a small block. The code had been deliberately altered so have the stick man move in the opposite horizontal directions and we had to find the error in the code and fix it.


The error was an easy fix as it read ‘KEYBOARD.LEFT {isRight’ when both inputs should have been ‘Left’ to make the character move properly. Well I say ‘and easy fix’ since I knew what the problem was since it was fairly hard to miss. How I’ll do with hidden problems in the future remains to be seen. Anyway I tested the reviewed code to make sure this worked properly and it did, the character moved to the left when left was pressed and to the right when right was pressed.

Shortly after we were asked to load up the Halloween scene we made last week as that’s going to be the basis for the platformer we’re going to make. Now I have to admit here that I thought my scene was an absolute mess since last week was the first time I’ve ever done anything in Flash and I felt like it was a ‘get to know the program by messing around’ kind of week. I also remembered making a fair few mistakes in it so there was a feeling of dread when we were asked to load it up and I did consider saying it wasn’t there in the hope of making another, but it actually wasn’t all that bad when it appeared.

So I began slowly transferring what I’d made onto the simple platformer I’d downloaded and re-created the scene. I did have a bit of an issue remembering where certain things are within Adobe program but after a bit of help and muddling around I managed to find what I needed. I also had an issue with collision as when I tested the scene the character could jump on and walk around the clouds. It was after this I’d been told that I’d put them within the ‘ground’ grouping where the code read it as a walkable surface so that had to be changed to a new layer where it wouldn’t be – (I also need to get used to thinking about layers in quite a lot of areas in the course since some of the problems I’m having a related to me not layering properly). Once I done this everything worked as it should have. Finally we told if we wanted to we could customise the default stickman character which I did. I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t draw to save my life, (even though I wish I could), but my Paint skills kick ass and I came up with Pumpkin Death.

Also I’ve just realised the moon is out with a bright white sky. Forgot to colour it.

So today I’ve learnt a new bunch of stuff about setting the scene for a game and seeing again just how much can be made from a simple set of four shapes. I’d like to say that I’ve gotten more confident in using Flash but I haven’t, of everything I think this’ll be the one that I’ll struggle most with but its still early days to know for sure. I’ve already thought of how my designs could be improved as the majority of the scene was created using only half of the shapes available – in my head while creating last week I’d assigned this shape to ground and this to buildings. It’s this that I need to let go of and realise that any shape can be used for anything, that all of them can be used in different ways and to stop mentally assigning this shape to that part; something I did in Concept Art last week come to think of it. Like always, more practice of Flash is needed if I have any hope of understanding it as well as tutorials on the web for guidance.



















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