Concept Art – Building Robots Project

14th October ’16

Continuing last weeks theme of constructing robots from ripping pictures off Google, this week was an extension of that and my first ever Concept Art uh, project.

We began by “researching” robots – and by that I again mean ripping pictures off Google. But we did look at a few first if that’s any consolation. We’re looking for any that we think we could use to make robots, or at least parts of robots since some of the robots I have to create will more than likely use parts from several different nicked pictures off the internet.

We had a crash course on the side about how we can alter textures of simple builds inside Mudbox (never heard of it, never used it) where we made a quick and basic leg in Maya before sending it to Mudbox (wouldn’t work). Of course me being me, I had issues with the program(s) where neither me nor Tony could get Maya to send the model (or Mudbox to receive it) so I could do anything with it, (so it didn’t work again). Instead Tony managed somehow to make a cube which Mudbox eventually accepted and I had to pretend that was a leg. We were shown how to grip and pull the ‘leg’ (wouldn’t work), how to do something with a texture (wouldn’t work), how to smooth the edges and corners (did work), how to use some shaders (wouldn’t work), and how to do some simple sculpting (wouldn’t work). Marvellous.

Next came the project where we have to create 10 thumbnail robots using the techniques we learned last lesson and which we’re all going to critique to find our best. I’m actually looking forward to this one a bit as I can use Photoshop a little already so I don’t feel like I’m swimming in the dark.


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