17 October ’16

Sometimes it can be a dangerous habit but I’ve been thinking, and I have this idea of how I want my walking simulator to look and play. I have this idea of multiple rooms and corridors. You have to find your way out of the uh, area? house? mansion?, I dunno that yet, but you have to find your way out to freedom. There’s lots of doors and lots and lots of keys – too many. The catch is that only a few of the keys will work and allow you access to different rooms (kind of like the key system used in the early Resident Evil games) but you’ll only be able to hold so many in your inventory making item management an important thing because, y’know – black hole pockets haven’t been invented in the real world yet. So, certain rooms will have an actual key you’ll need to progress whereas in others, they ‘key’ maybe something like an item; placing the book on the correct shelf in the correct room kind of thing. Some of these rooms will/could have traps that would spring if the wrong thing is done either locking the player in it forever having to listen to Justin Beiber or having the preferred option of an instant, fiery death. So then there’s elements in it, puzzle rooms, which strike me as similar to Portal. Whether or not there’d be a self obsessed and malicious robot watching and commentating on your every move wishing for that fiery death, I can’t say at this point. I just haven’t thought that far ahead, although cake at the end would be nice.

See the thing is, as much as I have the basis of this idea thought out, I’m having issues with Unity that I fear would hinder this game idea tenfold. The modelling side of it I dare say I could fumble my way through (in hindsight I probably shouldn’t be saying that since my lecturers will be reading this at some point) making it look half decent but the coding of it is a different matter. I know this is only my third week and I shouldn’t really be expecting miracles but I feel like coding is lost on me – I’m having a real hard time understanding it. I can create the basics, i.e. what’s shown in the presentations but anything further than that I’m struggling. I’m finding myself having to go back over previous weeks work to try and figure out what I’m doing and how I’m supposed to do it. I want to be able to code. I want to produce something good or bad (preferably good) and say “I made that” but at this early indication I just don’t know if that’s going to be possible. I don’t intend to just give up on it though, especially at this very early stage, and I am going to try my damndest to make something work if it kills me. So then, there’ll be lots of going over previous weeks work, lots of coffee to keep me going, lots of YouTube tutorials to see if I can make it ‘click’ and possibly lots of hassling Ant until he either changes his name, goes into hiding or takes out a restraining order on me. Or possibly all three.


So today, we (I), experimented with adding sound to my scene. I placed a radio on the table (and if you squint hard enough on the right table in the image above you might just make it out), and the challenge was to make the radio play music, ‘cos y’know, that’s what radios do. I copied the script that we were given and placed it into the scene and I have no idea whether the script worked and the radio played since I didn’t bring any headphones to college today – its not something I thought I’d need to bring until now. *mental note: bring headphones* So I powered on.

Radio Script


I added battery to the scene and altered the code accordingly so the radio would only come on after the battery was picked up but again no headphones so I have no idea if it worked or not. It something that I’ll have to check later. Incidentally your battery looks very familiar Ant. I’m not going to say its been ripped off  or anything but it looks remarkably like something that rhymes with “ruracell”. I then added something called Ray Casting which is an invisible line which as an easy way to give your actions a range. So basically instead of being able to click on an object and picking it up in any part of the screen, I have to have the camera looking right at it as you would in life. This I know did work as when I tested my scene, I couldn’t just pick up the key when it was in any area of the screen, it had to be near centre for me to get it.

After that I had a bit of a self doubting session detailed above, then proceeded to do something that I’m more confident with. I began creating my second room to flesh out my idea more and to make it look like I’d actually done something to my scene for my own eyes. So yeah, that’s my recap of the day and thoughts. I’m kinda hoping that I’m stressing and worrying myself out for nothing and I’ll have that ‘click’ after some practice and research. I hope as its something I’d really like to do for myself.


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