17 October ’16

Today was my first introduction to Adobe After Effects where I made a woman dance without paying her money. In fairness, most of these lessons are introductions to Adobe’s programs as the only one I’ve ever tinkered about with is Photoshop. Anyway, we used a video and audio clip where we were introduced to the program by creating some basic effects work. I learned how to add effects to a clip, (firstly by duplicating the layer so the source material wasn’t affected) then adding the desired effects; motion blur and adjusting the exposure to create a ghost image of the dancer in the background then being able to add text. To be able to make this happen, key frames were used throughout as points of reference for when I wanted the effects to take place.


I also learned the importance of Time codes, again used as references for when you want effects to happen for example. Using these techniques as well as changing compositions, adding radial blurs, changing exposures, adding zoom bubbles and text layers I came up with the below video which has been uploaded to YouTube; https://youtu.be/-xwtsUli6bA

The end of it has been shaved off which makes it finish abruptly but it shows what I made.

Like everything else about Adobe, its something I need to get and practice with to know what I’m doing and to grow my confidence. And time, I need time too. I’m not quite sure where that’s going to come from but I need some if I’m ever going to learn these prgrams properly.


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