10 Concept Art robots

Following the previous lesson where we had to design robots by using pictures we could find on the internet in Photoshop, we were tasked with creating 10 robots and their shadow drawing counterparts. Scouring the internet did lead to robot designs and drawings in their masses, from concept art by robot fans to robots used in games and film, so pickings were great. In the end I’d settled for a few designs from films including Hulkbuster and a couple of Transformers to some videogame robots and a couple of concept art for good measure. Overall I think I had a pretty good pool and variety of drawings to come up with my 10.

Not being able to draw anything (apart from a killer Peppa Pig for the three year olds I currently work with) I decided to use the Photoshop technique from class where we took parts of robots from different pictures and stuck them together to make new ones.

At first I found myself looking for heads and bodies, the usual things that your mind thinks of but after a robot or two I found myself struggling for differentiation, I was becoming increasingly unhappy that the robots were beginning to look very samey. I remembered Tony’s advice in class as I’d done the same thing in the last lesson, to stop looking for something and start looking at something. In otherwords, stop looking for a head or arms and start looking at the parts you like then the robot will take its own shape. So I began to actively look at parts of the robot I liked and played around with a part or two and they did indeed take their own shape, my ideas weren’t set anymore and instead I was creating on the fly. Before I knew it I had my ten.



Next came the shadow work, and that took far longer than I’d imagined it would. I’m not really gonna say just how long it took, but I probably could have speed ran Resident Evil 2 in about the same time. My problem is that everything has to be done properly, I’m too finicky and my own worst enemy. If something doesn’t look right then I won’t be satisfied, it has to be corrected until it does. Anyway, after quite a long while I finally finished and made my robots shadow concepts and I’m pretty darn impressed with them if I do say so myself.


When creating the first one, I got the mid-colour shadow done and I started to get a familiar kind of impression from it, kinda like a chicken shape. But once the light and especially dark parts were added, I definitely got a chicken vibe from it, a robot chicken vibe. Head, check. Beak, check. Giant mechanical legs, check. You can’t see anything else now can you?

All that remains is to submit these to the group and find out which one of them they think is my best so I can develop it further. I vouch for the robot chicken myself.


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