4th November ’16

Today in class we’ve been throwing ideas about of how to do the Christmas game and we’ve settled on an idea based on the WarioWare games. We’re planning on making our own micro game that will last no longer than five seconds where a simple objective will be met. All of the micro games will be stitched together in a central hub where (I’m gathering) the hub will randomly select which micro game is played next by completing the previous.

I can fairly guarantee we won’t be picking noses in the Christmas game.

The hub will be in the form of an advent calendar which will consist of either 25 doors, (from 1st -25th December) or 12 doors (for the Twelve Days of Christmas). I’m not entirely sure which decision if any has been made about that. Again, borrowing from the formula of WarioWare, each of the 24 (or 11) days will be made up from generic Christmas themed micro games whereas the 25th (or 12th) will take the for of a boss fight, and to complete the game this needs to be beaten. Well what else is the point of a boss fight, hmmm? Like you never saw that one coming.

For my choice I’ve chosen my snowball fight game. I’m planning to make it in a first person perspective from Santa’s eyes where he’ll be throwing snowballs at elves who’ll appear from behind one of three snowforts which the game will choose at random. A successful hit on an elf will mean that the game is complete and will move into the hub and onto the next but a hit from the elf on Santa will mean game over and the user beginning from the start.


That’s my idea and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pull it off, not just because my Flash skill are pretty much non-existant (they are) but I feel like there’s a lot more added pressure since this is a group effort. If it’s my own and I mess up, I pay the price but if I mess up here, we all suffer. Fingers crossed everything works out well.


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