Today in my Unity lesson we were told we’re not doing any Unity work, (or if we did it would be minimal), and instead we were focusing on the work needed for our portfolio. This could either be for the Walking Simulator, the room project in Maya or the Christmas game; and since I’m further behind in the Christmas game and I don’t have any knowledge of coding in flash being a later starter, I chose this.

At home I’ve created a scene for my snowball fight game and now I need to learn how to animate it. I’ve been introduced to Tweens and how they work and I’ve applied them to both the Santa hand and elves to make them move left and right across the screen and behind the snowforts respectively. I’ve animated both using keyframes and the tweens have been used to control what path I want the animations to take. If I want, I can drag the tween line around to move the path of the Santa hand for example, but since I want the hand to move across the bottom of the screen, I’ve just left it in a straight line.


I say I’ve animated it, I had to learn how to using online tutorials as I had no idea what to do. Turns out its a fairly simple procedure to do and I’ve experimented a little by adding some twinkles to the stars on top of the Christmas trees but I’ll have a more in depth experimentation at a later date, right now I want to get some work done on this thing o make it begin to resemble a game.

The tutorial I’ve used is a one straight from Adobe’s website and which explained it in some excellent simple terms that were easily understood. Once these completed I had some help in writing some of the code to allow the elf’s to move left and right and one animation for it to move up and down to (hopefully) be hit by the player’s snowball. I did create another to make Santa’s hand run back and forth across the bottom of the screen where the player needs to time the stop right to throw the snowball and hit the elf. Some code of this is shown below.


So that’s it so far. My Christmas game is taking shape and I’m pleased with what I have. I’ll develop it further over the coming weeks into the group’s decision (the WarioWare themed game mentioned in the previous post) and then fully as a game in it’s own right which I’m hoping will help me understand Flash coding in more detail and help me in the future.


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