Today in VFX I’m using Adobe After Effects to experiment with lighting. I have created a cube using Layers and Solid Settings with the 3D viewpoint turned on so I can see what layer I’m  working with. I’ve also used the Snapping tool to be able to attach the layers together. With those I’ve made a cube like shown above and below.


Once the cube had been made I created two new light sources and placing one on the right side and the other in the bottom left corner to light the cube from two different angles.


All of the sides of the cube were held together within a null to which each layer was attached to, parent and child. The light sources are on their own separate layers while a second null has been created to hold the first null and to create a new anchor point where the entire cube can be rotated on a central axis. The position of the lights are static so as the cube rotates each side is illuminated by the two light sources. Oh yes, almost forgot. To be able to rotate the cube, I’ve checked the ‘3D Layer’ box to allow the layers to be manipulated in three dimensions. Very important.



The manipulation of the light sources has been done in the same way as the manipulation of the layers in previous weeks; scale and rotate it; move it into position around the object while being able to alter the cone size and light intensity from the light sources.

There’s an anchor point in the middle of the box which you can’t see that’s used to rotate the cube around the light sources. The Pan Behind tool has been used in this project to be able to move the cube without disturbing the layers of the cube.

Next I’ve learned about what After Effects can do with lighting, specifically animating with lighting and the different effects that’s possible to make with them. After Effects is very good in displaying these and impressive results can be made after only a few clicks in the menus. Many ideas have been thought of from seeing this, will they be used within the logo I’m thinking of? I don’t think so but I’m certain that some of these effects will be used at some point in the future.


As for my logo, I’ve been thinking a little more about it. I’ve come to the decision that I’m not going to have the wording lying down anymore, rather standing upright with the word ‘studios’ underneath holding the main wording up. I’ve had the thought of pointing just the ‘T’ letter to give some distinction to it so every letter isn’t uniformed. My lecturer said it reminded him of an ice pick which I never thought about but it does fit well so I’m keeping it, thanks Peter! Initially I didn’t want an actual logo to go with it and was happy enough with the wording but as the week has gone on I’m coming round to the idea that I want a logo of some sort after all.


Since the name of the company is Frostbite and I have the idea of frosting or ice consuming the letters, I’ve been thinking of a frosty theme or icon for the logo. The drawing above is kind of like an evil snowman who I’m imagining will hang over the E’s top right corner, but my drawing of it isn’t looking quite how I’m imagining it. The other idea I’m having is some kind of snowflake. I’m not entirely sure about what to have as again I want to stick to the wintery/frosty theme. I did try Google for inspiration but typing frostbite into Google images was disturbing, shocking and didn’t end well. I really should’ve saw that coming especially with the age I am.

So more thinking and sketching of ideas is needed to further this design. And also being very careful what I type into Google too.


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