Well I’ve been busying away with my Christmas game for a while now and I’m slowly getting it to something that I’m happy with. Also we’ve been given the Concept Art class time to further work on the Christmas game so there’s no Concept Art class blog. Next week its back to normal though.

Following on from my concept art of how I wanted it to look I’ve managed to transfer my imagination onto screen with results I’m impressed with. A very small portion of the code is in place which makes the elves move behind their snowforts and the Santa hand to scroll across the bottom of the screen.

While the original idea was to use the mouse cursor to aim and then click to throw a snowball, upon advice from my lecturer I’ve changed it to having Santa’s hand scroll across the bottom of the screen then clicking the mouse button to throw. I do think this is a good idea as now the game isn’t so predictable and your reflexes won’t completely allow you to beat the game.

What I have been struggling with is adding snow to it. I’ve tried and tried to get some snow falling in the game its unreal and to make matters more frustrating, once I’ve finished typing in the code I’ve had errors display and the code hasn’t worked. Now being honest here, I don’t know how to code anything so I’ve been looking at YouTube tutorials on how to make snowfall where they’ve either showed the script as a whole or wrote it as the video progressed. I’ve tried both methods and nada, errors galore and I have no idea how to fix them. That was until I found this tutorial on YouTube….


and someone else in my class very kindly helped me getting it up and running. After many exhausting hours, multiple failed attempts and stress like you’ve never believe, I have snow!!! WOOOOP!!!!


I know that this will be part of a compilation of mini games that the whole class will present but I do have ideas on how I’d like to flesh this out into a game in its own right. Ideally I’d like to know and be able to add features like the elves throwing snowballs back at you with a life system in place where any hit on you results in a loss of one life. But to be able to counter-act that you could throw a snowball at their snowball to save yourself. Those actions couldn’t be done with the scrolling hand, instead the game would revert back to pointer control where you’d have free movement of where you want to throw, but to compensate against that the elves would get quicker and quicker with their throws otherwise the game would be too easy. I’d also like to add some secret things too, like being able to knock the head off the snowman for bonus points for example.


Above is the code that makes this all work, so far. I’d love to say I understand it but I don’t. I can kind of get parts of it; the mouse click for example is an event because it can happen at any time and is player controlled; the timeout is the time it takes the Santa hand to move across the screen in milliseconds; the snowflakes are children of the stage (which itself is the parent) and the maths of the snowflakes (size and falling speed) are calculated at random by the computer. Beyond that I have no clue of anything. I’d like to I really would, I’d like to learn how to code and how coding works in Flash but finding tutorials on it is unbelievably hard. Like with most things I’m hoping that if I continue on and keep looking and trying things something will click. That’s my plan. I can’t possibly go through the entire year and still be none the wiser at the end, can I?


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