In Concept Art today we furthered the shadow work we’d started weeks before by drawing in colour and blending layers. To begin with we looked around the internet for a colour picture, it could be anyone we liked but it had to be in colour and it had to be a human face. I chose Emma Stone. ‘Cos she’s lovely.


Like before we’d began by finding a mid-colour skin tone and used that as a base to fill in the face, then repeated the same process with the hair. We then focused on lighter and darker areas to create a portrait of our chosen muse then began blending on different layers using the chalk tool in place of the brush. This would give kind of a bolder, more striking effect to our art. I should also mention here that to make sure the portrait retained some similarities to the photo we chose, the photo was layered into the picture with a reduced opacity so we knew what areas we were painting and how the were supposed to look.

Once we had a semi-complete picture we were asked to create a new layer above all of our work so far and were then told about a blending brush tool within Photoshop which took data from all of the layers beneath it that blended and mixed the colours together. The thing to remember about it though was to clean your brush afterwards. Like a normal brush, it retained the colours it had painted through which altered the colour it would produce which in turn, altered and sometimes dramatically, the final result of the portrait.

Keeping all of this in mind, and also not wanting the end result to be full of blobs and blotchy, I noted that there was a lot of different shades in Emma’s hair which were all lined. I followed this when using the blending brush and swept the mouse in lines to mimic a paintbrush. It was a little difficult at first since I had to keep changing back to the original picture and altering the opacity of it to make sure I was getting the correct colour tone for the specific areas, but after a few errors I began to understand the function of it and how it worked. I was also pleasantly surprised with the end result too and I think I done Emma proud!


Not too shabby for a first attempt!



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