Just a small post here to say there’s been a few updates to the game. The first is there’s been a graphical change. Santa’s hand now carries a snowball ready to be thrown at the elves.  The elves themselves have been changed slightly to a lighter colour scheme on their outfits while their bodies have been extended a little and they now have a fully drawn second arm.

Changes to the evles were needed as when the coding to have them pop up began, it became apparent that if they were close to the edge you could see they only came to the waist and there was nothing underneath. This has now been fixed to show more of a body. The same has been applied to the arms, once the pop-up animation started, you could see that the elves didn’t have a second hand, instead the drawing stopped just before where the wrist would be.

Also the snowforts have been redesigned too. I wasn’t totally happy anymore with how they looked so I re-made them to look better, more like a fort. They’ve also been designed wider than the originals, again down to the elves. At the edges of the elves’ movement tween you could see them appear from the sides of the snowfort for a brief period. I didn’t want this to happen so that’s why they were made wider.

There’s also been some more code added to the game to allow the elves to pop up too. The code has been written to allow all three to pop up at random points decided by the computer. I couldn’t get this code written by myself so a big thanks to Ant for helping to make this happen.


There’s also a very simple and short line of code which tells the game to resume the side to side movement animation after the pop-up animation on the elves so the game resumes with no disruption to the player.

At this moment we have been asked to hand in the Christmas game whether its finished or not so sadly I won’t be able to complete it, this is due to issues beyond our control. My game was due to be a short micro-game with others in something bigger and while I’m happy I’ve been able to produce something I’m also a little sadden that I’m not able to flesh out my idea into a game of its own right.

Below are my plans for it to be extended into a full game and how I’d have it play.


Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be able to make this game stand out in its own right.



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