Today we learned about and used some 1D camera tracking techniques. To begin with we were presented with a small video of the outside of the college building and shown how we can stabilize the shaking camera by focusing on one point in the video.

We used two distort effects, Warp Stabilizer and Optics Compensation to hold the shaking of the video to create a smoother motion. This allowed the video to be played with minimal shaking presenting a smoother look and feel.


For the next task we were going to apply a graphic to a piece of video but instead of having it float on a static point like our names last week, the image would be attached to the side of the building so it would move with the video footage. Two files were imported from the X Drive at college, one image file of a Mr.Fish and the other being a small 20 second video clip.

Using the tracking menu on the right side of the screen I set a tracking point on the video (in this case it was the left most drainpipe of the building, you can just see it in the screen below) to use that point as a reference for the image to be attached to. We started the tracking process by clicking on the ‘Tracker’ box which made the computer follow that point throughout the duration of the video. After a few minutes it presented me with the results; the line across the picture below shows where that drainpipe point moves while the clip is played.

Once we had this data I was able to insert the Mr.Fish image onto the wall by scaling it down and reducing the opacity slightly to give the appearance of the sun shining on it, just like it is shining on the wall. This was a simple drag and drop method and After Effects did the rest, its really quite clever!


Next we applied what we’d learned and used another shot of video of the outside of the  building we’re in. This time I used 2Point tracking as in this video the camera was moving towards the building as opposed to just panning to one side. Tracking points were attached to two contrasting points of the building were the After effects could easily follow – in this case it was a corner of the window on the first floor and a white beam against the front doo on the ground floor.

The same tracking process took place and the Mr.Fish image was superimposed onto the wall. As this scene was slightly different and looking like it was recorded late in the afternoon, I applied a burn distort to the image to replicate the late sun.

I did have some issues with this one however. It worked enough to get a screenshot of what I’d accomplished but when I’d hit play the fish image stayed still while the video ran, as if it was stuck to the screen instead of the building.

But I do remember the process of how I did it and when I find a few minutes I intend to tinker with it again and see if I can get the corrects result. If I do then I’ll update this post.


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