Today we’ve been learning about animation blocking and passes. I’ve learned that animation blocking is a technique where key frames are created to establish character placement and timings within a shot or animation. This helps animators perfect the timing and flow of a given scene.

Animation passes involves fine tuning the animation in sweeps. So in one sweep they may focus on the movement of a characters long hair and how that behaves and flows across the shot as they move. Another pass could be made across the same shot concentrating on a dress in the same way. The same shot will have multiple passes focusing on different areas until it’s perfected to the animators style and vision.

In today’s lesson we continued the work we’d started last week. Since I still had work I wanted to do on my models to make them look more realistic and detailed I began with that. I’ve added more vertices and edges to both the lorry and car so I can animate some emotions on them which I’m hoping the audience will easily see.

I’ve also added more features to both of the models to make them more ‘lorry and car like’ since they were very bare before. I know these seem like small things that don’t have much point but its something that will be noticed when its being animated – I mean I see things that don’t look right so other people will too. Even though its still a short animation I still want it to look as best as I can make it in the time I have, that said I know its not going to be uber realistic but I want to try and make it look the part.

I’ve also storyboarded out my idea too shown below;


The idea behind this is still to still have a car chase and I’ve detailed that above but I’m adding a twist to the end where the car has the last laugh so to speak and chases the lorry in the final scene.

So far everything seems to be working pretty well although I am having some issues with the lorry in Maya; whatever I seem to do to it to try and make it more realistic just feels a bit wrong, there’s something about it that always seems to be not quite right and its going to bother me until I either fix it or re-model the lorry completely.


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