Today in Concept Art we looked at how artists draw the cartoon Adventure Time and how they use simple shapes as a basis for their character designs. Tubes and long cylinders form the base of every character then the finer details are drawn on top of those basics and the characters are ‘born’. Underneath the details though the simple shapes remain with only a few key lines and ellipse shapes remaining for reference of the direction of characters and/or their bodies.

We were asked to use this theme and draw some of our own characters in the Adventure Time style in whatever pose we wanted. The characters could be ourselves, someone we’re on the course with or in the Adventure Time character style. I chose to draw in the latter style and came up with the following doodles which I like lots!


After this we had a group crib of the robot designs we created a few weeks earlier. Not all of the drawings were ready by other students but what had been completed was shown; one of those which was completed was mine. The full colour thumbnails were shown briefly but all the focus and critique was placed on the shadow drawings.

Generally my feedback for my drawings was good and I was pleased with what came back to me. I did have very different interpretations given to me about some of the drawings, nothing major though, but more along the lines of everyone looked at the drawings and saw something different. The top right drawing to me gives a Glados type feel but to Tony is gave a construction robot style vibe and that it should in an orange and yellow type construction theme. To others it looked anything from a helper robot scooping up things off the ground to an alien-type thing that gives a menacing feel.


Tony also mentioned that he like the 2nd row left shadow as did a few others as it gave them a military feel in the vain of Metal Gear Solid. If I remember rightly I think I used some parts of Metal Gear Rays or Rex’s in its creation along with a couple of other different elemts too.

The gist of it was really not to create something with a particular purpose or intention, rather to stick things together and see just what does out of it; the final product will create itself. That’s something I’d also kept in mind when creating the robots too. So all in all my feedback went quite well and I was fairly pleased with what was said.

After this and just before the lesson ended we were given our new brief; to produce a service vehicle with a dystopian utopia style to it – and he wants 20 different thumbnails of different drawing too so ‘we don’t get attached to one design’. To help us in the research for this we need to watch and play some games in that genre. Time to research.




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