Today in VFX we learned how to make a pulse using a very simple line of code. We began by bringing in a pink background from the college’s X Drive and created a radial style under a ‘soft light’ Blend mode. This gave me the following view;


In the ‘Scale’ section under ‘Layer Styles>Gradient Overlay’ I  Alt+Click on the stopwatch icon which allowed me to write some code into the scale line (I didn’t know this could be done!) and in it I wrote ‘wiggle(8,30)’. The first number determines how many times it wiggles per second and the second number is a random percentage of the wiggles’ size. So in this case it wiggles 8 times per second and its going to be 30% of its original size. Increase the 30% and the bump is bigger, increase the 8 and it’ll pulse more times per second. At (8,30) it looks like this;

A bit like something trying to break through a stretchy wall!

Following this we deleted the pulse and added another file from the X:Drive. This time it was a ball that we were going to make bounce with more code. Again we dove into the XDrive for our code but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Before we started anything we imported the ball from the X Drive into After Effects and dragged it down to the bottom where the ball was placed on top of the pink background (we’re still using it but have deleted the wiggle layer). This ball was attached to a new null I created.

In the ‘Position’ & ‘Scale’ transforms I opened up the code box by Alt+clicking into it and pasted the following…

Ball code for scale
Ball code for position


…and this code gave me this bounce…


Experimenting by altering the gravity in the code gave the ball either a bigger bounce or a smaller bouncy, this obviously was dependent on whether the gravity was increased or decreased.

Once this was nailed down it was back onto logo development…

I’ve started making a little bit more progress with it and I’ve began the creation progress of making it 3D. Talking to my lecturer a couple of weeks ago he said the best way to bring it to life was to hand draw it in Illustrator and then give it a 3D effect when its finished. He thinks since I’m going for an ice/frosty feel to it that it would look better if it had a rugged look to it, as if the letters have been carved our of real ice before the frosty/icy effect is placed over it. I can see what he thinks but I’m not sure if I want it to look quite rugged or to have it a lot smoother – smother was originally what I was thinking it’d look like but I’m open to change with it. I might cut it out twice, once with a rugged, hand chipped look and one with a smoother look to see which one appeals to me more.

Anyway, I did the rougher looking cut out in class and it looked like this;


Using the concept drawing I did at the beginning of the logo development, I’ve opened it in Illustrator and traced over the wording with the pen tool. On a separate layer I’ve drew the centre of the ‘R,O & B’ (R.O.B.! Ha! In joke…. OK, I’ll move on…) and essentially used those circles to punch out the centres in the actual letters. I’m planning on repeating this process later going for a smoother look to compare and it’ll also be good to refresh my own skills…that’s if I remember how it was done because being an idiot I didn’t write it how to do it down. Rookie mistake Daniel, rookie mistake.

So yeah, that’s where I’m standing at the minute.



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