So today in class we learned about cameras and how they are used for animation. Creating a camera is about as straight forward as you can get; Create > Cameras > Camera. Done.

I also did watch what you put up on-screen and when you told us about the resolution gates and render settings in the Camera Settings menu as well as the Ray Traced and Depth Map Shadows and the Background Shader which is found in the Hypershade windows. What I can’t completely remember is how they’re used or how I get to them to use. My notes this session weren’t great so I’m going to have to research it on my own and probably pick your brain when we come back in the New Year.


As for my animation I’ve spent most of the morning fixing my truck. It turns out that when I went improving and adding new features to it last week, I didn’t realise that something was being altered in the background to the model. Only when I went to re-size the trailer a little did I see that there were some overlapping vertices on the lorry as well as some hidden faces which kept destroying the model, it turns out I wasn’t being as careful with the altering as I thought – something to keep in mind for in future projects.

I managed to add a nerb circle to the truck to take control over its hierarchy and also added two locators to the left and right sides so I can control more of the movements when animating.

Due to these problems I’ve encountered with the truck I’m now behind where I’d like to be in this project. I was hoping that I’d be in the beginnings of the animation stage but I’m still yet to start that. I’m also still not entirely happy with how the truck looks and I think there’s still room for improvement on the car. I actually started a new truck model this morning, that’s how not happy I am with it, so I might tinker with this over the Christmas holidays once I get my Unity work finished and portfolio stuff done next week. I’ll also see if I can start some animation too and get caught up with that. Whether I’ll switch to the new rig completely or stay with this existing one I’m not sure at present but whatever i do I need to make my mind up soon…

So it also goes without saying that I have no blocking to playblast at the moment, nor can I show the principles I’ve used, nor can I explain how I’ve animated my animation and nor can I say what I think is working well with it and what’s not. Soz Matt.

All in all, not a great day today.




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