In lesson today and to continue last weeks theme of dystopian utopia, we looked at creating some vehicles for the ‘design 20 vehicles’ homework. The same principles apply to this that were used for the robot design, but in silhouette form. Find some images from Google and layer them together within Photoshop to create a new vehicle. We can create anything we want to but the catch is, it must be a service vehicle.

Now I’ve got to be honest here, I was expecting this to be really easy. There’s bound to be a million silhouette images I can use and I’d be able to knock up 20 within a fairly short time. Not so much. Turns out while there’s quite a lot of different ones to use, I struggled quite a bit in getting them to fit into place to make something. Now I know, and I have practiced here the “don’t think of creating a certain thing, they’ll happen on their own”, but I’ve still struggled with coming up with some believable images. In fact, in the time we had in the lesson all I’ve managed to come up with are two…and both of them are above. And I’m not entirely sure the car counts as a service vehicle at this point. I’ll have to have a think and a play about if I’m going to come up with the 20 pictures I have to.

Anyway, the rest of the lesson was us being introduced to Google Sketchup and how we can produce some frankly, amazing designs and results with incredible ease. Our time with this was really an introduction to it but I knocked up a house with it in no time but alas, schoolboy error kicked in and I didn’t make any screen caps to show what I’ve made. Nor did I cap anything from the off-the-top-of-my-head car design I made either. Nor did it occur to me to save said designs to my memory stick for later use. Utter, utter berk. So now I’ve been able to tell you about what I’ve done but I’ve got nothing to show you. What I have done though is download Sketchup onto my home PC so there’ll be some creations in the future.

After this, we were also introduced to Mudbox and quickly to 3DS Max. I vaguely remember something about Mudbox not long after I started the course but Max is completely new. In Mudbox the class made a face by pulling, stretching and altering a cube but unfortunately for me, I got lost in some instructions and didn’t manage to make a thing. As for 3DS Max, that was only briefly shown to see how something created in Sketchup can be exported to it for enhanced design work.

I look forward to working with all of these new toys in the future.


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