After we watched the animation short to refresh ourselves on the 12 Principles of Animation it was time to get to work on the animation ident we are producing.

Most of my morning was focused on the first few seconds of the animation as this is primarily where the detail and small movements occur. I’d laid out how the scene will begin by creating a very basic moveset and positioning of both of the vehicles then went back over the sequence quite few times to adjust the movement speed, timing of the reactions, space between actions before finally beginning to add some smaller movements and expressions of emotion on the car.

I also did manage to get a second sequence planned out but there’s still much to do. I need to add more emotional details into both models, add more smaller movements and create and add their textures. The playbalst video below shows the progress that I’ve made so far. I’m fairly pleased with how this is turning out but I can also see there’s still a long way to go.


Once the ident is complete, I’ll batch render it into Adobe Premier to put together a completed animation. What’s batch rendering? Well, it’s the process of generating multiple images of every frame in an animation before it can be sent to editing software which will assemble each frame into a viewable video.





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