Today in class we began by watching another animation as a refresher, to pick out what we saw in the animation while paying attention to what type and style of staging has been used…basically to stay fresh! After that, the morning was pretty much ours to work on our own animation.

I’ve managed to get quite a bit done on it and for a nice change, Maya has also been working well. Don’t get me wrong, she’ acted herself a couple of times but for the most part, everything has gone well. As the video above shows, what I’ve thought of and concept art(ed) has been brought to life and I’ve also managed to get some finer details in too. The wiggle of the car in the gear change in the early part of the animation works well and I’ve also spaced out the heavy breaking a little more to further emphasise that too.

I’ve also toyed with the emotions I wanted to convey as well. I’ve achieved this by pulling vertices on the ‘faces’ of both the car and the truck models and key framing those. Although I will admit that I didn’t think the key framing of this part through enough, or never realised it through lack of experience in something like this, and ended up with a scared look from the moment the car came on, instead of after a few seconds with a truck that managed to look scared and angry at the same time.

One problem was me, not key framing before I made the adjustment so instead of the scared emotion coming on part way, it came on straight away. The other I think was a bit of me getting mixed up a little with the vertices on the truck but more so Maya being Maya. I know I made a mistake or two but I also know I didn’t make that many mistakes to totally break the front of my rig – it took me a good five minutes to figure out where the positioning of those vertices were and how they were overlapping before I could fix it.

What I do need to improve is nothing major, but how I work…or rather little things I keep forgetting. I may have been able to save myself some time if I remembered to move the frames along every time I wanted to make an alteration, instead of making the alteration and then realising I hadn’t moved the frame so when I did, I had to do all the positioning again making what I did a waste of time.

Overall though I am happy with what I’ve made. I do think its missing something but I’m not sure what. I know it needs some colouring and texturing on it, maybe its that, I’m not sure. Either way I’m very pleased with the progress I’m making and how its turning out.

With a bit of luck it’ll be finished in no time.





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