So I know its been a while since I’ve mentioned the robot project. Truth be told that with all the Unity work, the room project and presentation I’d forgotten all about having to produce a 3D robot based on those thumbnail designs from months ago.

We’d presented the robot designs to the class and it’d be the one that got the most buzz around it which would help us make the decision about which one we’d model. As it happened, one of a couple I was looking at got quite a lot of buzz and feedback from not just the class but also Tony too. And it’s this one that I decided to model for real. Well, only just recently have I began modelling since I saw someone else’s from the class and had an “Oh, s***” moment, when I realised I’d completely forgotten all about it – sorry Tony.


Anyway, this is the winning design and the one that I’ve tried, heavy emphasis on the ‘tried’, to design in Maya. There’s been very mixed results and a lot (very heavy emphasis on the lot) of frustration.

I managed to get a model of a leg that I’m fairly happy with although I am coming to the conclusion that to make myself feel better about it, it needs some colour. Colour is also something I’ve been thinking about for this model too. The picture to the left was pretty much made up of butchering a few pictures together in Photoshop, but I still do think those colours work well together and where there’s the darker colouring on the upper legs, I’m thinking of a greyscale cameo pattern, something like the lower right picture.

Other than that, I’m thinking of keeping thegrey colour scheme pretty much the same, or something very similar.


I have fought with Maya for most of the ay through this project. It took me a lot longer than I anticipated to create one leg, there was masses of slow down with Maya reducing my progress to a crawl – and I’m talking make a mouse click and wait through a two second delay before the command was completed on screen. Unfortunately I don’t have enough experience with Maya to know how or what this was happening and how to fix it so I had to persevere.


Above left is the early shape I was looking for and above right is with more detail; a few hinges in place for movement, a balance-type panel which can just be seen behind the toe of the far right side which would aid in the robot standing or walking and finally showing a bit surface design too.

The main body was one of the easiest and hardest things to do. Easy in the fact it was the easiest thing to create. I learned how to punch holes into a solid object, either straight through or just partially, through a video on YouTube; this video below actually.

The rest of the missile body went pretty well. I made some missiles with a simple mesh and simple colouring which I’m hopefully going to be able to steal some time somewhere and add a little more detail to them.

My major issue and headache appeared when I tried to texture the missile body itself and the legs. Maya crashed. A lot. I’m talking 20+ times over two hours here. I didn’t know whether to punch the screen, scream, cry or do a mixture of all three. I even tried UV unwrapping in sections, but every time the door part was unwrapped Maya stopped working and crashed completely. In the end I somehow managed to get the opposite side panel textured with a simple grey colour which extended itself across the entire mesh as shown in the pictures above the video. Good enough.


My next issue arose when I tried to texture the legs, or a leg. When I eventually got the UV through the crashing and locking up and managed to throw (literally) a texture onto it, it resulted in what I can only describe as a big black smudge across the centre of the leg with the lower half disappearing completely.

Its at this point I couldn’t take it anymore and had to walk away from my PC.

I need help with this.

And I need to finish the modelling by making a shoulder panel so it looks like the legs are connected to the main body.

Work is most definitely in progress.




One thought on “Concept Art – Robot – Page to Model

  1. Wow Daniel. I saw what Pete had put on your blog and thought I would check it out… this is so cool! The way you write it feels like you are putting yourself down, when in reality you shouldn’t and you should be proud of this model! I am in love with the intricate design and round parts on the legs. Keep it up, don’t doubt yourself.

    – OwenKing


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