A little later than I originally planned and would have liked to but here’s a few of the vehicle designs I’ve drawn under the Dystopian Utopia theme that Tony wanted us to draw.

First off I know that at present, there’s not the twenty thumbnails that Tony had asked for, instead there’s only seven. That’s shocking I know (sorry Tony) but I’ve been having a bit if a struggle fitting everything in. I’ll try and add to these as and when I can to get closer to that magic number.

Anyway, below are is the first page of vehicle designs and as it happens, there’s a bit of a police theme running throughout these drawings.

Top left is a police patrol car but I wasn’t really sure where I was going with it as I started to draw it. The image I had in my head just didn’t match what I was making on paper so it was abandoned fairly early on. The same with the top right too. That was going to be a kind of Mad Max style of vehicle, an old style, low riding late 80’s type of car that had been modified with a kick ass, huge chain gun on top. There’d be a hinge on the back of the gun allowing it to look vertically up. The drawing again didn’t quite look like what I’d imagined it to. Looking at it now I don’t think I got the length of the car quite right – it needs to be longer and have more detail on the sides, I’m thinking like metal plates being welded onto it.


Below top is a construction vehicle designed and used for utopian purposes but with dystopian uses too. Used on building and construction sites with a mini compactor on the back, it can pick up small and large objects with the front forks: moving larger objects around and smaller objects that are thrown “over its head” into the compactor at the rear. I’ve also imagined it having a more sinister side too; mainly as an extreme punishment tool with the compacter used for ‘disposal’.


Above is a police bike, or rather a police hover bike. Kind of a cross between a standard police bike and a one you’d typically find at a racetrack with superbikes, it hovers and uses similar mechanics like Japan’s Bullet Train for speed with small stabiliser wings on the front. The rider would lean forward (like the outline shows) with a tactical HUD projected onto the large oval enclosed windscreen while more traditional dials are on the dashboard just seen in front of the rider.

droneThis one looks a bit weird. The idea of the below design (top) came from the street drone in the level  Mission 3.1 Chicago: Stealth  from Perfect Dark. Designed as a peace keeper drone but sporting two mini machine guns which would be deployed from hatched on either side, it’d look friendly but wouldn’t intentionally be. There’d be a dark visor in the centre of the drone where camera would be based for the drone to see and it’d have a light on either side. I also tried to have twin lights above the visor but they didn’t look right and I’ve just realised writing this now that I forgot to rub them out! Also there’d be a peace sign on the side in a rather hypocritical manner.


My final design, and along with the police bike, is one of these I really like is a friendly type of mobile arrest drone. It’d hover above its target before deploying a thin rope/zippy like restraint out from each side which would wrap around the wrists of an offender before carrying them away to the local nick for the night. Mini turrets are for defence purposes only and would fire non-lethal rounds.


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