Like before, more research for Ant’s classes. When did it become a maths course?


In programming instantiation is the creation of an instance, a particular realisation, a template such as a class of objects or a computer process. To instantiate is to create an instance where one object is given a class, name and location in a physical place; much the same way as when data is entered into a database or spreadsheet.

In object oriented programming, to instantiate a class is to create an object with an executable file that can be ran on a computer.

While Loop:

A While Loop is a control statement which allows code to be repeatedly executed based on a given condition and can be thought of a as a repeating IF statement.


The While Loop construct consists of a block of code and a condition/expression. The condition/expression is evaluated, and if the condition/expression is true, the code within the block is executed. This repeats until the condition/expression becomes false.


Probability is a chance. It’s a number which tells you how likely something is to happen. So to get a 6 on a dice roll, the probability is a 1 in 6 chance since you’re looking for one certain number out of a possible six. To throw a coin and get heads, the probability is 1 in 2 since there’s two sides to the coin and you’re looking for one side. (Or one in three if you’re really unlucky and the coin lands perfectly on edge which itself is a 1 in 6,000 chance due to angular momentum. Ha!)


An average is a number expressing the typical value in a set of data. It consists of three parts; mean, mode and median.

  • Mean – the average set of numbers – add them all up and divide the total by how many there is.
  • Mode – The numbers which appear most often in a set (4, 8, 7, 7, 2, 4, 7; so 7 is the Mode)
  • Median – Place the given numbers in numerical order and find the middle number. That’s the median.

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