Short one today. Not the lesson, the post.

We’ve been told there’s a test due and the lesson criteria has changed slightly. We’re still working on our solo game but that’s been put on the shelf for a little while, at least until Easter is over. Instead we are to create a game in pairs, or small teams, using waypoints in it.

I’ve teamed with Kelly and Marc and we’ve decided to make a stealth type game where you sneak around without having guards spot you while they’re on patrol.



We’ve had a look at and we’re using assets he’s made. We’ve also decided the game will have a medieval theme and it’ll involve movement in and around a castle (outer, courtyard and inside) where you’ll be a flower picker picking flowers without the guards seeing you. Collecting all the flowers in a level will progress you to the next.

At present we’ve got the basics of a training level, keeping it simple, as the gif below shows.


As ever, Kelly is the programming genius while myself and Marc are the level designers. So I’ll be raiding the Kenney archives very soon to construct some levels.

We decided on a top down 2D style because we were told to and also because its easier to make having not been on the course for very long. It also turns out that there’s several names for top down 2D games which don’t all fall under the generic top down 2D scale that I’ve always put them under. They are:


Huh, learn something new everyday.


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