Today in class we’re going over the 1 point, 2 point and three point tracking again as a refresher with a little bit of Mocha too for good measure.


We’ve imported a smoke video file and a video file of a couple of houses before we track the scene and add smoke coming from the chimney of one of the houses.

Selecting the ‘Track Motion‘ option I resized the target box around the twin chimneys and clicked the ‘play’ button to begin tracking the chimneys in a 1 point tracking motion. There came a point in the video where the chimney left the screen and the tracker couldn’t track that point anymore. To correct this and follow it off screen, the video timeline was moved the position where the last point was tracked then we alt clicked the box turning the cursor white.

We dragged the target box to a new point of high contrast (the reflection on the window) and clicked the play button again. This would follow the window from this point to the end of the video clip. Once this had finished and in the Track box, Edit Target was clicked and in the box that popped up I made sure the the tacker null was selected and  clicked OK through that and the following track X&Y box. To finished and check everything had worked fine we selected the tracker null in the lower control panel where the tracking path highlighted itself showing its path.

Next we added a new black solid layer and placed it below the smoke layer. In the TrkMat drop down box I selected the ‘Luma Matte Smoke‘ layer then parented that and the smoke layer itself to the Center null. The Center null itself was hen parented to the Tracker null.

Using the Pan Behind tool and with the smoke layer highlighted I resized the smoke and the dragged it onto position above the chimney. When the scene was played the smoke appeared above the chimney throughout the video.




Next we moved to a new project and imported a logo in a .png format and video file of a graffitied tunnel. Next we picked a clean frame in the video with no blurring. I checked the Pen X tool and drew a box on the wall of the tunnel followed by a right click once the box was finished. Clicking the S button on the toolbar I drew another box inside the original – this box is blue.

N.B. The red box is the shape to follow and the blue box is the shape the graffiti picture will take. 



Next on the bar underneath the video I clicked the backward ‘T’ arrow (take a look a the picture above and it’ll make sense) and Mocha began tracking the video from this mid point all the way back to the beginning. Ignoring the error at the end where it ran out of video I moved the timeline back to the mid point and clicked the forward arrow to track the box in the remainder of the video.

Once this process had finished we clicked the ‘Export Tracking Data‘ button, copied it to clipboard, went back to After Effects, created a new black solid with the same comp size as the video and pasted it onto that layer. Moving the timeline along, the section I highlighted in Mocha was replaced in After Effects with a black box. Clicking Layer > Pre-compose and ‘Leave all attributes’ gave me a new composition on which I double clicked the black layer on the left control panel then dragged it down to the lower. I also dragged down the artwork.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From here I went back to the tunnel video where the black box was replaced by the graffiti artwork. Next I selected ‘Colour Dodge’ from the Mode boxs’ drop down menu and added Force Motion Blur from the Effects & Presets panel before applying this to the Black Solid layer. lastly I reduced the opacity a little to make it blend into the surroundings and it gave me the video below.



Lastly today we imported a train video file and some simple text off the X-drive and followed the same procedure above to attach text (which read Planar Tracking) onto the side of the train. Below is the results.



I found Mocha made the process much easier to do than tracking inside After Effects and achieved the same results much faster and easier. Looking forward to working with and learning more bout Mocha in the future.




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