We’ve been given a new project to do in class this week; to design a low poly world (or part thereof) in teams using Maya. We’ve only got a few weeks to do so and the stipulation is each asset can only be maximum of 500 polys (or 1,000 tris). 500 is quite generous we’ve been told but since we’re just learning everything, we’ve been given plenty of elbow room.

So what is a low poly world? Well, its these. And frankly they’re amazing!

We’ve set up our team and through discussion we’ve decided to create a winding mountain racecourse in the vain of the top left image. At the top is the start of the course and the bottom at the end of a winding road is the finish line. As a group we liked the idea of the waterfall and have decided to incorporate this feature into our model but as a volcano with lava running down a side before falling off the edge.

If there’s time, and only if this model has been completed to our mutual satisfaction, we discussed about having a second, smaller island connected to the main via a bridge. It seems a long shot at this stage particularly since its the first time we’ve attempted anything like this but y’know, aim high and all that.

Our team is made up of myself, Marc, Kelly & Sophie. We’ve agreed that each of us will be responsible for one part of the design; myself for vehicles, Marc for the island layout and Kelly & Sophie for the island details. Of course if one finishes sooner then we’ll hep out in other areas.

Being a race theme and influenced my Matt’s Wacky Races introduction, I’m attempting to design the vehicle(s) in a similar style. In class I had the idea of a boat/car hybrid and an early part of the design is shown below.

Needs work

Since each part has a set target of polys it can’t go over, we’ve been told to keep in mind what we create and how we do it. We’ve been told of a poly count in Maya that we need to watch pretty much all the time and this is the breakdown I’ll be following very closely;


I do have some ideas of other vehicles too which I’m intending to model in some free time (ha!) and present them to the others for feedback. Bonus if another is used and many, many kudos points and bragging rights if they all get used – and that’s providing I can make them in time for the whole project to be completed. In the meantime, I’m focusing on one, possibly two and I’ll see how I go from there.


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