In the creation of this video I did encounter many problems but with help from college lecturers and YouTube videos I’ve made it through to the light at the other end. Admittedly there’s been quite a lot of frustration along the way but nevertheless, I’ve made it.

Most of the issues I faced were with the texturing of the vehicles I made where they constantly broke within Maya. This mainly occurred when I tried to move vertices on the ‘faces’ of the vehicles, the textures would cut into and bleed into other sections  – that’s when they would go on at all. Other times they just wouldn’t apply or when they did on the colleges computers, they broke on my home PC – sometimes even removing part of the mesh.

I received lots of help from Matt to fix broken models (I’d love to tell you exactly what and how he did but my Maya knowledge doesn’t extend that far), and I did learn a new trick about constraining  and parenting objects which I used many times to fix broken tyres on both models.

N.B. The process was select the first object; shift select the new, target object and then in the Modelling toolbar Constraint > Parent. Find the constraint object in the Hypergraph Hierarchy and delete it. Finally select the original mesh you’re replacing and delete that too. Hopefully you should be left with your new, replaced file. This method saves a lot in instances where there’s lots of tyres – instead of texturing each one over and over, texture one and follow this process. 

I can’t pick just one thing I’m most proud of with this animation – I’m actually proud of the lot. The work and time I’ve invested in it over the last few weeks, the end result, everything. I know its simple in its premise but I do enjoy it a lot.

As far as improvements go, I think I need to look at texturing a lot earlier. Something was said in class that if you animate first and texture after, this can cause problems with the texture where the mesh and/or individual vertices are moved. These problems are strikingly similar to my own. Other than that, to remain calm in the face of frustration. I will admit to getting a little frustrated with Maya breaking constantly and my current inability to fix it, since I don’t understand Maya well enough as others do. I can try, no promises.

So quickly, here’s the video of the completed ident sequence with some links to the pre-production materials including research, storyboard and obtaining the idea below it;


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