So, struggles this week in detailing the bike I modelled for the Dystopian Utopian project. Many struggles actually; I didn’t know what Mudbox was doing, Tony didn’t know what Mudbox was doing, there was many repeats of Tony saying “I’ve never seen that before” and at one point I was even called a walking computer virus. Good day then.

The issues began with trying to texture a pattern resembling a UK police checker pattern onto the sides of the bike. No matter what way Tony and myself went about it, the pattern just wouldn’t go on properly. It turned the whites blue and the yellows green. In fact every texture we placed or stencilled on turned blue. Grass, brick, steel, Mudbox just didn’t care. Great if I wanted a blue colour but sadly, I didn’t. In the end, nothing really got done in lesson time as it was spend trying to figure out what to do with this problem. Tony did find a solution that seemed to work in class but by the time I’d gotten home, that solution wouldn’t work any more. We were wondering if something could be wrong with the PC I was using or if there were compatibility issues with my home versions of Maya and Mubox to the colleges’ – the latter has been the issue before, many times over.

Loading up Maya and Mudbox at home I created a new stencil in Photoshop, fully coloured in yellow and blue. I saved this as a .tiff file and imported it into Mudbox as a new stencil. Here it allowed me to paint the stencil on the model which makes it look a whole lot better than it did.

On a side note, what’s occurring to me now is that it looks simple, like it now doesn’t fit into the Dystopian Utopia world. I know this ‘world’ is greatly open to interpretation and there’s many different sides to it but I’m not so sure it fits them theme properly anymore.

What’s annoying me though, and I’m not sure why, is that the stencil applies itself correctly and with straight edges along the rear but at the front, there’s feathering – lots of feathering. It’s annoying and I currently don’t have the skills or knowledge to fix it so I’ll have to live with it for now.

I’ve also been able to add those muddy boot scuffs too to give it some signs of use. I’ve also recently downloaded Substance Painter so that’s something else to learn and I’m hoping that I can add more detail to my models with it in the future.


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