Now I realise its been quite some time since I’ve made a post about this trio game so here it is. I’ve been busying away behind the scenes creating a level for this game through all the difficulties unity has given me over the last couple of weeks but finally I’ve done it. This is what my finished level looks like;


There were issues I’ll say that, but with sheer determination for having something to go correctly, albeit with help, I’ve produced something which I’m happy with.

I’ve had to build this level three times already; the original at home, a second in lesson time and the third at home again. The first I found out wasn’t compatible with college – my Unity version at home was the most up to date version and college’s Unity was a few behind. I did find a college machine that was up to date and it did work on there but that wouldn’t allow me to port the older versions levels over nor would the colleges computers allow me to port the newer versions level into it. So I had to make it again.

The second version of it I started in class and was around halfway through it buy the end of the lesson which I saved up and went home with. I tried to import this new version in to Unity but that errored all over. I even downloaded an older version of Unity and re-imported this newer creation into it but still it wouldn’t work. In the end I had to abandon it completely and rebuild it for a third time from scratch. This is the version that did work, complete with waypoints and cone of sights.


I had a bit of a learning curve to get this working since I stress a lot in programming. I actually loaded previous working levels, flicked through them then back to mine to learn what went where and what should be attached to each other. I know this is really basic stuff in Unity work but hey, can’t get everything, right?


Eventually I did cotton on to what went where and how but there were teething issues with my level. Whenever I assigned the bullet prefabs and the character the enemies would seek, every enemy on screen went red. Didn’t know how, didn’t know why. Not only that but the movement of the character would get stuck after a certain point – he’d hit an invisible wall and couldn’t collect four out of the five flowers scattered around the level.

It turned out that the play field was too small, or the level was too big, so that was increased to allow the player to play and complete the level. The issue with the enemies turning red was because I’d been using prefab character as the enemy’s seeker source when I should have been pulling it from the hierarchy – live and learn.


The level has been integrated fully into the others now with the final version looking like  the gif above. If I have more time over the coming weeks I’ll look into making another level or two y’know, for funsies, to help increase the game we’ve all made.


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