Today in class we’ve worked more on the Wacky Races esque low poly scene we’re creating. My other team members have been busy with the landscape and some of the items that’ll be littered around the track while I’ve been helping with the latter.

I’ve finished the car models I was working on too, they’re all here.

They’re about as basic and as low poly as you can get but I like them. I may look into adding a few more details onto them in the future (I have plenty to spare) but if I do, it’ll be after the scene has been completed entirely. I didn’t just have the Wacky Races concept in my head as I was creating the sub and bus either, Micro Machines and Toybox Turbo thoughts took over.

Back to today though. Myself I’ve created a start and a finish line (below) and I’m in the middle of creating a race track control tower that’ll be placed on or near the finish line.

I just need to find a way to connect that satellite dish to the building – everything I’ve tried just won’t work. Looks like I’ll have to Google it. After that, I’m going to make a few finishing flags of various designs that’ll be scattered around – possibly a podium too I’m now thinking. Every good racetrack needs a podium.

My concept art for all of this is lying around here too. Can’t put my finger on it this exact minute or I’d upload those sketches to show what I originally thought of crreating. What I am pleased about though is that the vehicle designs have come very close, if not a total replica, to what I’d drawn. And I will admit to making the start & finish lines on the fly with the control tower incorporating a few different designs and inspiration from Google images.

I’m enjoying this low poly work too. High poly work is nice, obviously allowing you to work in very high detail, but I’m finding that low poly work is challenging your designing talents while also giving the models their own unique style which I like a lot.

I think the project itself is working very well and so is the team. We’ve set ourselves a goal that’s not overly complicated to get to with a theme and design we’re all happy with. This is allowing us to produce some excellent looking models which if we’re on schedule, will give us time at the end for lots of polish work and maybe some smaller additions to the world we’re creating.

Like I said, I’ve thought about adding features to the models I’ve made – not necessarily improving them, but adding to them. This however will be done if and when there’s time to do so.


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