We’re starting work on our individual gams this week however we’ve been told that there’s stipulations now and objectives we have to follow. We have to produce a game that has stealth (or elements of) in it and have guards of some sort that follow set paths with line of sight scripting. It also has to be a 2D, top down game. So out the window goes my Streets of Rage knock-off and in comes my latest knock-off which I’m calling Thief, or project Thief – because developers use code names and project names for the new games, right?


There’s game out there called Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. Its a stealth game where you play as a burglar who gets caught up in a job gone bad, that’s the short version. Opening levels have you entering buildings and offices to steal money and artwork etc while avoiding guards, security cameras and anti-burglar devices before making your escape. This is what my game will be based on. A burglar tasked to steal a certain something, that will (hopefully) be placed in a random room each time the game is played. I’m also hoping to be able to create a few ‘treasures’ to steal too that will also be randomised whenever its played. And I’m going in for the pixel art look again too.

In class we began the process of making some assets. I made the burglar and guard in Animate and imported them into Unity. I also made a quick wall and began to construct the office floor. At home I made a quick window then restarted and completed an early floor layout. These assets are not the final form, like I said I intend to pixel art them. They’re really just place holders.

The assets have been imported into Unity and assigned as prefabs with the box/poly colliders and everything else attached. I’m intending each character will have their own torch as the burglar will obviously be burglaring at night, but there will be some low level lighting in the building which will light the scene and not render it in complete darkness.

I’ll begin some other asset work for the environment to turn it into an office floor which will include, but probably not limited to; office furniture, computers, plants, water coolers, filing cabinets etc. I did begin to make some in class, I actually finished two before I realised that I’d drew them on a side view instead of top down. Berk.

So my next steps are to create a few more assets and begin to assign some movement code to the characters.


We’ll see how that turns out…


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