I’ve completed the ecorche drawings that were needed for Tony’s Concept Art session that were was tasked with a couple of weeks ago. It seems that this kind of drawing is a required and almost rite of passage for anyone who covers any kind of art. I never thought I’d be doing it too but here we are!

Anyway, the class was tasked with looking into 10 (ish) heads of different styles and in different poses and we had to draw them out in an observed form, an ecorche method or in skulls. We could either draw them out or trace the features in but either way, we had to physically draw them on paper.

Google provided me with some images to look at and I chose these;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

However, I never managed to get all 10 drawn. I did manage to do eight out of the ten and I’m hoping to go back and get the other two when time allows.

To start with I printed these images off but what I didn’t know until I did so was that my printer was nearly out of colour ink – why do they always run out of only one of the main colours? It annoys me to no end.

Anyway my printed piece ended up looking like this but as it happened, I quite liked the feel it gave;

It looks better on the actual paper, promise.

Next I began sketching. I intended to do one with an observational view, one ecorche, one skull and repeat with the final sketch being a random choice. As it happened, I quite liked the final set I drew and couldn’t face drawing over the top of them so I did it with tracing paper keeping my sketches in tact. I also actually surprised myself with some of my results too.




Not bad if I do say so myself.


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