Over the last few weeks we’ve all had a class project to do – the Low Poly project. We’ve been able to create whatever world we want as long as it follows a theme; Matt’s chosen theme was Wacky Races.

After forming my team, (which consisted of myself, Marc, Kelly & Sophie), we brainstormed ideas with the help of the ever faithful Google for inspiration.

The low poly words such as those above really captured our imagination, well I know it did mine, and we decided we’d create a world in the vain of the above left image rather than a cut out of a city street. We all liked the idea of a central piece like the mountain and we decided that we’d create a volcano with a lava flow. Around it there’d be various vehicles racing towards the finish line.

We’d designated different people different jobs. Marc was assigned the job of constructing this island, Kelly took on the job of road sign, cabin and pit stop creations, Sophie would produce seating and eventually rabbits and I’d create the vehicles that’ drive around the track.

Over the weeks we’d created our assets and since I’d finished my vehicles first, I lent a hand by creating others. In total I’d made the three cars, the control tower, start and finish banners, a podium, some flags and a corner sign. When we’d finished and combined all of this together, we had the following result, and I have to say it looks great!

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Throughout the creation of this we’d all experienced difficulties of our own. For instance I know there were issues with the lighting of the environment where Maya just wouldn’;t work with it. I had my own issues with unwrapping and texturing the vehicles but after some intensive stressing and investigation, it seems a lot like it’s compatibility issues between my PC and Maya.

I’m pleased with the models I’ve made and I’m even more pleased that I’ve made each one well under the 500 poly/1,000 tri limit. I’m also very pleased that I’ve made the control tower with its dish and parked car under the limit too!

What I’m not too happy with, if I have to look at a negative, is that I feel some of the models are a bit too simplistic. There’s details on the car-boat and submarine that I now want to add to emphasis the theme a little more. And the London bus just looks a little too boxy. If the chance came round again I’d plan them out a little better.

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Above I’ve rendered out the models I’ve created and that have been used in the submission. I’m aware that the lighting is a bit off in them too. I guess another negative is that I haven’t had a lot of experience in rendering to be able to get great results – the pictures sliding above are really the first attempt I’ve had rendering out in Maya via Turtle. Although they looked fine on-screen, they came out very dark once I viewed them outside of Maya and as such, I’ve had to correct them in Photoshop. They’re still not great I know but I’ve learned lessons for future Maya rendering.

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Also above are individual renders of the models I’ve created showing their wireframes partly overlaid by their textured meshes in some. These have been rendered out inside Maya and consist of two images; one using the Maya Software render and the other using Maya Vector for the wireframe. These two images have then been combined in After Effects to give the final rendered images.

There are, were, a couple that appeared way too dark, like there was too muck black and it just didn’t look right so a second imaged was laid in as a background with a very slightly darkened edge. Then as you can see, the NextGen logo has been placed in along with my company logo Frostbite Studios.

©Frostbite Studios 2017

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