More individual game work this week and some very early GIF footage of the main character moving around the level in torchlight.

The plan this week was to attach a movement script to the character, which I’ve done, and make a few more assets. I wasn’t able to make as many assets for the game as I would have liked, but has been a small few made that have also made it into the first build. But to get the office feel that I’m looking for, I’ll have to make an array, sorry list, of things that you’d find. I know its an easy question to give with very obvious answers but I’ve had an uncanny amount of memory block since I have to actively think about it. So a list it is.

Right now though, this is all I have in my design. A level layout and the beginnings of an office. I’m not entirely sure that the layout will remain the same as I’m not totally happy with how its looking but for now at least, I need to make these office assets to set the scene so to speak and get some scripts done so the game is playable.

My aim of having a pixel art style for this is taking off and although the pictures don’t show it properly, the games’ look is in that style. I’m not sure if its because the game area is small and there’s a lot of darkness in the screens taking that feel away but I’m hoping that once it is finished and there’s more in it’ll become more apparent and noticed. I’m also thinking that the background will be changed too – that’s just a texture off Google and doesn’t fit the art style I’m wanting but as mentioned earlier, its a placeholder for now if nothing else.


So, the first piece of code on this game took me an ungodly amount of time to get it. And unsurprisingly I had to have help to get it. And there’s notes on it too to try and help me understand something although I don;t know how long they’ll make sense.

Week 2 -Thief 3

Highlighted are the two lines of code which allows the assets to spin the correct way as the character turns left and right. I also drew the sprite “wrongly” too as I had him facing to the left instead of the right. This affected the movement of the character – when left was pressed he went right and vice versa, so a little alteration in the code (in the form of a minus symbol) in front of the angle corrected that. Its opened up another issue, only slight and not game breaking, but its enough to annoy me. I’ll sort if later. Who am I kidding, Ant will probably sort it later.

I also managed to get the guards moving via waypoints using the code from the Trio Game. It’s not much in the grand scheme of things of where the class is now and the knowledge they have but I’m pleased with myself that I’ve got something working!


Something else we have to do is to create a Data Dictionary and the first entry of this is Variables. I have one variable in my code and its to do with the power of the character – more specifically, his movement speed. This currently isn’t locked out, its a public command so it can be changed on the fly as needed instead of having to alter the actual code.

The other objectives I had to achieve in lesson time was to add a goal – √, add enemy movement – √ and restart the game on collision with the enemy – x.

There’s no way that I’ll be able to do the restart thing on my own – I’ll try over the weekend but the reality is that I’ll need help.

And that’s about it. Now I get to go play Zelda!




I mean work.

That’s it. That’s what I meant.


























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