Not the best lesson for me this week. Couldn’t seem to get things working right so there’s no where near as much progress made with this rig as I’d have liked.

Continuing the robot rig this week and we’re beginning to animate it in After Effects. To start with, we were given a few lines of code. This code will make the robot bounce while taking into account secondary motion. So the height it jumps determines how much and how heavy the squash and stretch is afterwards. Think of when a spring or something similar bounces in cartoons – there’s the initial jump and lots of secondary motions afterwards as its slowly coming to a halt. That’s what this code does, and here it is –

Lesson 3 - code

The idea was to use the Angle Controls from last week to move the arms of the robot and slide its head around to create an animation using keyframes. I wasn’t able to get this working properly this time as After Effects just wouldn’t play – either that or it was me missing something obvious that was messing the whole thing up.

So I’d placed keyframes over various parts of the robots left arm in order to animate it but it just wouldn’t have any of it when I tried to play back what I’d recorded. I did manage to get something recorded for this blog post but my GIF has either not saved or its saved to the college’s computer so I can’t show at present what small piece of progress I did manage to get done. I’ll look for it on Monday and update.










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