Furthering the skills from what I’ve learned over the past few weeks I’ve kinda challenged myself to produce a face from scratch. The only thing of reference I’m allowed to use is some guidance pictures for mouths since they’re things I often struggle with whenever I attempt to draw anything like this but other than that, I’m on my own.

So to start I sketched a skull shape complete with eye and nose sockets. Directly on top of that I positioned and drew in the facial features until I was left with a bald head. Its basic but its there. At this point I had to think about the sex of the person I’d drew – man or woman? Also, how the hell do I draw hair? That was the other thought. What style of hair will this person have? Long? Short? Straight? OK stop it, you’re over thinking this. Just put your pencil on the paper and make a mark. So I did.

Turns out I drew a woman. Didn’t intend to, didn’t know who it’d be actually, it just happened.


I’m impressed with myself and not at the same time.

I like the fact I’ve been able to draw something reminiscent of an actual person and all of this has been done off the top of my head in around 20 minutes or so. I’ve never been able to do anything like this before making a drawing out of thin air look like an actual person.

But I’m also not as its basic and I’m not happy with the features…things just don’t look right. And when I look at a proportion guide (like the header of the post for example) I see lost of things that I’ve missed out and not thought about – distance between the facial features and more accurate positioning, more natural curves of the head and face etc.

I am my own worst critic as well though, and it could very well be better than I’m giving myself credit for – like I said, I’ve never been able to draw something like this before; God knows I’ve tried. I just need to find time and keep practicing using reference material.


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