Our project in the coming weeks for VFX is to produce a short clip, something like 10-15 seconds long, that mixes real world footage with effects created and placed in by After Effects, or effects obtained from special effects websites and incorporated. The subject video can be on anything we want it to be on but a requirement is that we have to shoot our own footage (or part thereof) and this must be included in the clip.

We were given a heads up on what we’d like to make this clip about a few weeks ago and I wasn’t sure what I was going to choose for it. Skimming through the web one night for my own leisure, I came across a picture. This picture;25 Feeb 17 006

I loved the look of this picture and this is going to be my project.

The sprites are from a GameBoy Advance game called Advance Wars and it’s a turn based tactical war game.

My project will be to takes clips of various units from the game (which I’ll clip out using After Effects) to create a small, short war scene. The footage that I’ll shoot will just be a landscape shot of a grassy area, probably something like a field, to keep it simple as all of focus will be on the assets in the front of the scene.

I’ll add in smoke and gun flashes which I’ll take from effect website footagecrate.com and incorporate them into the video. I may even make a cameo myself!



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