We have been given another group project to do – we have to create an asset, any asset we like, but it has to ooze quality and be game ready. In other words it has to be the best we can possibly make it and we have to have the mindset that it’ll be used within a videogame. We also have to follow a procedure for creating it too where there’s a timetable for it’s creation and we have to have each stage signed off before we can move onto the next.

There’s seven of us and we’re each creating one asset each which we when finished, will be put into one scene and shown to everyone. And we have eight weeks to make this happen. We were given a choice of four different themes which our assets could be based around and after a discussion, my group have chosen to make  our assets around a fantasy theme. We’ve decided upon a wizard’s home/hut setting where there’ll be a table, magic book, staff, potions etc placed around.

After brainstorming what would normally be found in a scene like this, we assigned top priority items and each person took one of those items to make – I chose the magic book.

Research Capture

To begin with I started researching magic books to get a feel of how they look as well as their styling and I found the above images. Once I had enough I began to concept art one;


At present this is the only concept art piece I have but as soon as I am able, I’ll draw out a few more and see what I like about them before choosing my final. And I may even create a separate design using elements from each drawing. I quite like the idea of having a jewel of some sort embedded into the cover though to give the kind of aesthetic that an item like this has. However, after designing the above book I couldn’t help but be drawn (no pun) to the massive blank space at the bottom and I began to think that something needed to be there.

I know that once the book has been modelled and textured then that blank space will most likely disappear but I’m still thinking its lacking something. That’s when i thought about magic symbols and found these online.

Summon Runes

Now I’m not saying that any of these will be used directly, moreso these designs will influence anything I come up with. And I’m also not saying that the symbol/s will appear on the artwork above either, it could very well appear on another concept art design I need to draw out before I begin modelling it in Maya.


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