Furthering the Magic book research from last lesson, I’ve sketched a few concept art ideas of how I want this magic book to look.

My first idea was to have a jewel of some description in the center of the cover while the book itself has some binding around it.


But I couldn’t help think that there was something missing from the design. And also for good practice I sketched a couple of other  ideas around a magic symbol/runes theme. These are the rune symbols I found that I liked and have incorporated, though not all;


I took the eye, or part of it, from the Shiekah in the Zelda series and I liked it a lot, I thought it fit well with what I am designing. Next I added in some runes but I still thought something was missing, that it didn’t look quite right so I combined the two designs and got something I’m very happy with;


This is the design I’m going to go with. I might put in a jewel of some sort on it too but if I do it’ll be on the spine but chances are, there won’t be one on it. If anything I think there’d probably be another rune or two instead.


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