We’ve been learning today more about how simple effects are used by the industry in programs like After Effects to achieve the results we see on film today. Today’s example and scene we’re going to replicate (and put our own spins on) is a scene from Star Wars. Don’t ask me what or where, I have no idea. I don’t like Star Wars so all I know is that it features Yoda.

Anyway, thanks to a tutorial from Gary we were all able to replicate the technique in our own way. If we wanted to, we could have even shot our own footage of ourselves posing where these effects could be added – I didn’t want to hence why I used the stock footage.

Since the all of the effect would be in the last few seconds of the scene, this is where all of the work was done. I began by tracking Yoda’s hand since this is where the ‘push’ will come from.


Following that I added the push effect and attached it to the tracked data;


Next I chose a shockwave effect…

…and added this into the scene too. I added a green colouring to it and a glow effect before  using AE to shorten the clip down slightly, and by that I mean condensing the 4 second shockwave into a 2 (ish) second duration. This was finally added into the footage where it was a matter of adjusting the slider (above) into the right place so the shockwave matched the push giving the complete effect.

Once everything was in place, I had this;



There’s a website out there in Internet Land  called Footage Crate and from here I downloaded an effect called “Blue Energy Ball Ignition”, EnergyBall.gif

I decided I wanted to use this with the footage too and incorporated it into the scene where it and the green shockwave would be onscreen together.Push3


I also began to try another tutorial where this time I would replace the eye of a subject with something else, either another eye or make it glow etc. However, I never got very far with this tutorial due to some issues I ran into with the push above, I only managed to get the tracking data done and some of the finer adjustments.


I do have After Effects at home though so when I find myself some free time (most likely in the Easter holidays) I’ll try the tutorial again and post the results I get.


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