In Concept Art today Tony introduced us to Sculptris – a program that lets you sculpt with virtual plastercine. I’d never heard of it before but I had a go and it turns out I enjoyed it very much.

The task was simple, use what we’ve learned over the last few weeks and create a face.  With nothing in mind and having never used the program before, I just played and experimented with it and got something pretty decent out of it too!

Turns out what I’d created reminded me a lot of something in class and even now but I still can’t place where I’ve seen it before. I want to say like a mask, porcelain white of some sort but I can’t make that connection as to where.

Anyway, the result was created mainly thinking of a human face, trying to remember and work around a skull’s bone structure while experimenting with the tools in Sculptris on a trial and error basis. The face and stump for a neck is made of one lump of virtual clay with the eyes being two separate objects, scaled and moved into place.

I asked for a little help as it didn’t quite look right for a human (or maybe it did?) and it was just a case of using Sculptris’s ‘Grab’ tool to uh, grab parts of the shape and either move it down or inwards – this had immediate results and helped to define the face even more.

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I didn’t realise until the very end of the lesson that I’d forgotten to make ears for him, so up until this point this poor guy couldn’t hear a thing!

At home, and admittedly a few days later, I’d attempted to make some ears for him and for a first attempt they turned out pretty good too!

Yes I know it needs more work/practice but hey, like I said; its my very first attempt with the program. And I’m pretty damned pleased with my results.


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