The concept art is complete and now its time to model the book that I’ll be submitting for my part in the group project. Today I’ve been working on the low poly model of the magic book.

The low poly version of the book has been completed which curently looks like the below images.

For all some of the bits were a bit fiddly to do, I did enjoy making this this morning.

LowPoly 6

One of the bits that was fiddly was the pages. The book cover came first then the pages of the book were extruded from the back cover. To be able to curve the edges of what will become the pages, both outer and inner at the spine, I had to select the edges and use the Connect tool as shown above. This divided the mesh into workable sections which I could manipulate into a curve on the outer side and have it straightened slightly on the inner side.

LowPoly 4

The corner sections are just a cube shaped into a triangle and placed onto each of the books’ four corners. In the middle is the small, slightly raised eye section.

What was a little harder, and another fiddly job was the raised sections on the spine.

LowPoly 2

I did think this would become quite a trick job to do but surprisingly it wasn’t. A edge loop was placed with another next to it a small distance apart. By selecting the area in between these lines then using the Connect tool from the Mesh Tool menu, I created a third edge loop perfectly in the middle of the original tool. Here, and with the entire edge selected, I moved the middle edge out a little to create the bump. Since I only needed this in one specific area though, I had to go right around the rest of the line in vertex view and put rest of the vertices which had moved back into their original place. Some let me snap them back into place with the keyboard V command (hold and move) but some didn’t so I had to move them by eye.

To save time, once I had the lower (and first) section done, I created a edge loop around the middle of the book, deleted the top half before selecting the lower and mirroring the geometry. This obviously mirrored what had already been done and created the second, upper bump for me.

Because my design has runes placed onto the cover, I have to model each one of those separately. And since each of these will be baked onto the cover, I have to create them with a raised back so the pattern of them is imprinted into the book’s cover.

Front and back.

Over the Easter holidays I’m planning to have all of these runes created so when we go back, I can crack on with the high poly model and bake.


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