We had a visitor in class today so the lesson was cut a little short. We had some prep for the upcoming essay we need to write before we were let loose in Mudbox. It was more of an experiment kind of lesson where we were asked to learn some of the tools Mudbox to create some armour for a human figure.

I’ve had very little interaction with Mudbox on the whole so for me, it was something to try out and get some base knowledge with.


We used one of the built in models for this (above) and I only used four tools to do so; Grab, Freeze, Cut and Pinch.


For my own reference, freeze allowed me to draw onto the model in blue and whatever was coloured blue would freeze. A quick technique to manipulate something was to colour blue what I wanted to change then press ‘Shift & I’ to inverse the selection. ‘Shift & U’ deselected everything. 


So I played around with the model for the best part of an hour, getting used to Mudbox’s controls while trying thinking about an armour set to create. I sculpted around the shoulders and created a shoulder plate before I began thinking of a full body suit, similar to that which Samus Aran (below) wears in the Metroid games.


I liked this idea and kept going with the theme at home later that afternoon. I finished my suit with this design…


…but I felt it needed something as it was a bit plain. Using the knife tool I started to add a little detail and before I knew it; this happened;

Not bad for a first real attempt, not bad at all.



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