Not a great deal to report here this week. Its our first week back and we’ve begun work on our VFX project.

I’ve shot some footage, I think its something like 16 seconds at present, which is where the scene will take place. I’ve also begun to cut out the images from the other pieces of footage I’ve obtained. Once I have all of these than I can begin to piece and blend it all together.

At present I have;


the footage…

…and some of the cut outs I’ll need. At present they look quite rough around the edges;

BlueMoonInfantry Cut

There’s a lot of flickering around each characters’ animation edges which I’ll get rid of once I put everything together and I also found a problem too.

I have tanks and artillery in my scene and in the game footage they come from, they’re part of a five set. As the firing animation plays, each tank obviously fires their own cannons. What I didn’t realise as I was collecting the footage is that the lowest tank blast fires over the middle tank – and its this middle tank which I’ve taken the cut-out from since that’s the only one in the scene entirely. So I’ll have to copy and mask over each tank and artillery unit that features in the clip for both sides of the fight.

Fortunately I’ve been told its a fairy easy process to do.


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